Alexandria Condon

Alexandria Condon

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First Name * Alexandria
Last Name * Condon
Username * Alexcon
Country * USA
Nationality Pacific Islander


Preferred Tools zbrushmaya3dsMaxMudboxMariSculptrisTopogunPhotoshopHeadusMentalRaylittle Cinema 4dOrganic modelinghard-surface modelingdigital sculptingtraditional sculptingdrawingpainting


Availability: Freelance


I live, eat, and breathe modeling and sculpting. Character work is what I specialize in, but i love badass-ery hard-surface modeling, texturing, and illustrative work as well.

I have a strong traditional art background and understanding of art fundamentals, such as color theory, light, value, and form. My concept developement skills help me to visualize concept environment, characters, props and helps me to match style. And because of my strong understanding of human and animal anatomy, I am capable of creating my own creature and character and concepts.

I have excellent high and low poly modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing skills, and high proficiency with many different programs. And with my understanding of character rigging and animation concerns, I can model to alleviate those concerns.

I love doing what I do, whether that takes me to a game company, a cinematic company , vfx studio or an animation studio, my passion will follow. Strong work ethic and professional pride in perfection drive me. I am very self motivated and challenge myself to become a master of my craft.

My proactive attitude and communication skills help me to work well in small and large groups. I can manage a number of assets and prioritize tasks, as well as follow schedules and meet deadlines. Anything for the team. I am resourceful and can come up with creative solutions and am very receptive to art direction and critiques.

I am a person you can count on to get the job done. I love to create 3d awesomeness.


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